Video Interviews are Here to Stay- 2022 Tips You Need to Know That Will Get You the Job!


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Video Interviews are Here to Stay- 2022 Tips You Need to Know That Will Get You the Job!


The pandemic has taken the job market and turned it upside down. Many of you may have changed jobs or even careers. One thing for sure, the way you get your next job has changed, and video interviewing is now a massive part of that disruption.

Before the pandemic, you applied to jobs, and if you got an interview, they would send you directions to their office, give you a heads up on who was interviewing you, and where to park. To prepare yourself, many people would drive from their homes and make sure they knew where they were going and how long it would take. The interview was very stressful because of all the moving parts. One accident or unexpected road closure could ruin the entire day. In Florida, where we are based, those mid-summer interviews where you have to walk from the parking garage in 95-degree heat to the office building all of a sudden make you appear like you just worked out!

Thanks to the pandemic, 75% of “live” first interviews are going away. Zoom and Microsoft Team Meetings are the norm where just two years ago, very few companies used them. Also, companies like Spark Hire and Hire Vue, which have been around for years, are capitalizing on this growing trend.

For 2022 and beyond, it is time to take video interviewing seriously since employers will expect minimal hiccups. The honeymoon with video interview technology is over, and employers will be expecting excellence. Here is what you need to know:

  1. What type of video interview is it? If the employer sends you a Zoom or Microsoft Meetings link, this will be a live interview with human resources or a hiring manager. This is a self-serve interview if you get a link from services like Hire Vue. Instead of having a conversation with a hiring leader, you will record yourself answering questions. Once you complete, it is sent to the hiring manager, where your answers will be assessed. Since you can re-record your responses, you must still pretend it is a live interview if you want to make a significant impact. Employers don’t want to see you reading your answers.  
  2. Test the interview link on the day of the interview. I have had over thirty video interviews this year (yes, 2022), and eight of them were delayed or canceled because the job seeker couldn’t access the technology. Most of the time, this is caused by job seekers trying to interview using their cell phones. If you have an important interview, do what you can to use a laptop. If something goes wrong and you can’t connect, the chances of you getting another interview is slim.
  3. Impress with a great camera angle. The best camera angle is a level camera angle. To do this, you must get the camera lens on whatever you are using to be level with your eyes. This requires you to raise your laptop or cell phone off a flat service. I use magazines. When interviewing, always keep eye contact with the lens of the camera, not the screen. Eye contact with the interviewer is critical. You can practice this anytime before the interview (record yourself), and you will be amazed at how professional this looks. 75% of video interviews I have had are all over the place. This will separate you from the pack.
  4. Turn off notifications. Many use their cell phones (not recommended) for interviewing. The killer of a great interview is notifications and call waiting. Call waiting can disconnect you from the employer, which is not good. Be aware of anything that you control that can disrupt the interview.
  5. Dress for Success. Treat a virtual interview like an actual interview. The way you dress will immediately separate you from your competition. In so many interviews I have done this year, people are just dressed “super” casual. Many don’t realize who gets the job could come down to a professional appearance, even if you are interviewing for a lower-level job.  
  6.  Know your stuff. Once you are technically and physically set up (all things you 100% control), you are ready to interview just like a face-to-face interview. This article describes why you don’t do well in the interview. The best way to interview is to have actual examples of your work and articulate the impact on the bottom line of the company. In the virtual interview, the skills you have has to shine.
  7. Body language wins every time. Sitting up straight, smiling, good eye contact, and excellent listening skills will help you ace a virtual interview. The challenge is doing all those things for an extended period. That is why it is essential to make sure what you can control (technology, location, lighting, background, etc.) is outstanding, so all you have to worry about is the person that you are talking to on the screen.  

If you follow this information in 2022, you will be in the top 20% of any interview you attend; and that means job offers!


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