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About Jobs Partnership

Founded in 1999, The Jobs Partnership is a faith-based, non-profit 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Orlando, Florida dedicated to building a healthy workforce through the transformation of the economically trapped, by empowering them with God’s truth, elevating their workplace abilities and attitudes, and enhancing their employability. The Jobs Partnership’s core values are based on the belief that all people were created and designed by God to not just work, but to live a fruitful life. The organization’s work has proven that a good job not only restores dignity and purpose to the person employed, but it benefits the community by diminishing poverty, crime and countless other eroding effects. The Jobs Partnership’s vision is to strengthen whole communities for generations.

The Jobs Partnership is able to offer LifeWorks Training, Career Pathways, Community Resource Fairs, Career Fairs, the Job Connection website, educational opportunities, mentorship and other programs and resources, thanks to our valuable partnerships with Churches, Volunteers, Employers, Community Organizations and our generous Financial Supporters in the Florida Community.

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