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About Nurses and More

Nurses and More—founded in 1988—has played a crucial role in matching patients, care facilities, and medical personnel by their unique needs for more than 25 years.

There’s a good reason we’ve become the most reputable medical staffing agency in the industry. Clients trust us because they know we care, and that we’ll match them with excellent caregivers. Our caregivers know they can count on us for critical resources, open communication, and support.

We like to brag.

Okay, not to brag, exactly, but when we talk about how we offer competitive advance pay, flexible scheduling, referral bonuses, and a supportive office staff, sometimes it comes off as boastful. And we haven’t even gotten to the fact that we don’t require anyone to work on weekends or holidays, or that working for us gets you access to clients under exclusive contract to Nurses and More.

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